Santa Rosa Jobs Fair Caravan 2011

The City Government of Santa Rosa, particularly the Public Employment Service Office, in cooperation with several Baranggay Councils, has launched a Job Fair Caravan which will provide employment opportunities for those seeking to find a stable source of income.

The said Caravan kicked-off last August 5, at Baranggay Santo Domingo. 20 companies (Direct, Local and Overseas Agencies) participated in the event and many hopeful applicants came to try their luck in finding a job.

Below are the dates and venues for the other Job Fair Caravan stops:

August 23 – Baranggay Sinalhan Covered Court
September 16 – Baranggay Caingin Covered Court
October 7 – Baranggay Malitlit Covered Court
November 10 – Baranggay Pooc Covered Court
December 15 – Baranggay tagapo Covered Court

For more information, kindly proceed to your local Baranggay Hall or contact the Public Employment Service Office at the City Hall.