Hanguná Festival

Over the past few years, Laguna has faced several issues and controversies that has created negative connotation among the Laguneños. Crime rates have dramatically increased and the very essence of our culture and tradition seemed to have merely diminished due to modern day technologies.

In response to these issues, the fourth year BSHM/TM students have come up with a festival that lays emphasis on revitalizing the interest for the Laguneños and, thus, rebuilding a new Laguna.

The event aims to showcase the brighter aspects of the community as well as the intrinsic worth of our culture, history, and heritage. It seeks to bring to the community and to the academe the innate value of the different prime products of Laguna, as well as its rich culture and history through unique and innovative way of celebrating festival and utilizing the resources that we have.

This will highlight the diverse array of authentic products from various towns of Laguna, uniting all places and way of giving back to the patrons/saints and God. The festival will not just market the locally produced products but promote the culture and positive side of Laguna as well. This will foster the use of paper bags and, thus, may also serve an inspiration to others. It is to feel the unifying power of the Laguneños and their irrepressibly festive spirit.

Hanguná Festival: “The Birth of New Laguna,” is the official 2011 festival of the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management, organized by the fourth year BSHM/TM students. This will be held on September 29 to October 1, 2011 at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Laguna. Three magnificent days celebrating the annum mirabilis, days that shall leave a lasting legacy in the history of the institution, days that will remain afresh for years to come, in the minds of the people who witnessed it.