Sulyap Museum

Sulyap Museum started on the year 2006; and it was the first development project of Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant. It all began with Roy and Arthur's initiative to finally put all their antique collections to its proper spaces. --The place is the ground floor of the building which is formerly a school named Southern Luzon Colleges. It has a total floor area of 3,600 square meters. Roy on that year presented to Arthur the interior design of the building's ground floor, which is approximately 1200 square meters. They decided to start with the first half of the ground floor that has four rooms and a passageway in front of the rooms. Roy's interior design requires bizarre materials which are parts of an old house. Roy needed to attach Bandeha's (or wooden wall panels), capiz windows (or seashells window), espejo (or transom, sometimes comes in wooden cut out, in glass or in capiz) and laced canopies. The Materials; it all surprisingly came in, and it came in the most unexpected means, a house from Batangas was collapsed, and all the material were offered to Roy and Arthur. T horoughly convinced with the historical authenticity of the materials, they acquired all the parts of the house without hesitation. It was an astonishing experience for Roy and Arthur to come up with the exact dimension and measurement of the materials that they need for them to pursue the interior design of the museum. -In addition, Roy was able to add an old set of wooden stairs in the middle of the museum which serves as a display shelf for their small antique pieces, and other parts was installed in the most unique way, although some interior designers who have visited the museum had a very affirmative review of the interior design. Roy and Arthur felt from there on, that it was their strong aspiration to possess the things that they justly needed, for it was almost unfeasible for them to meet the given design. The Collection; Roy and Arthur's collection of antiques started way back on the year 1985. Both collectors share the same passion of collecting the same antique pieces; both are into collecting Philippine antiques. Arthur, a pioneer collector is fascinated in Santo's (religious icons) from century old wooden crafted Santo's to Ivory Santo's. Roy on the other hand is captivated by wooden primitive furnitures. Their combined wide assortment of antiques resulted in a vast collection of Philippine antiques that ever existed in the province of Laguna. From the primitive era to art nouveau, art deco, and neo classic designs, the museum reveals the historical values of the Philippine arts and antiques presented in the most visually stimulating approach. VIEWING TIME: Gallery opens at 11:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M VIEWING RATES: Adults: -100.00 php./ per person Children: -12 years old and above 100.00 php./ per person -11 years old below 50.00 php./ per person Address: Brgy. Del Remedio, Cocoland Compound, San Pablo City Laguna Tel. nos. 5629735 / 5629740 Mobile: 0920-9519185 Email: