1 Million Tonnes of Waste to be Gasified at Closed Philippine Landfill

The Philippines Cabuyao, Laguna Landfill, which the government recently ordered closed, is to be converted into a 24 MW Material Recovery and Energy Facility (MREF) using the landfill's residual waste as feedstock.

According to Ruth P. Briones the chair and chief executive officer of Greenergy Solutions In - which is to build and operate the facility in association with the Severiano B. Hain, the owner of the private Landfill - the landfill will be generating electricity thru installation of a two-stage thermal Batch gasifier as waste conversion technology.

The Cabuyao Landfill contains almost 1 million tonnes of waste, which Greenergy says it will revalue and re-dispose of with a reduction in its volume of almost 99%. The company claims the gasification technology it will use to achieve this is fully compliant with the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act and the Clean Air Act.

The company says that its proposed MREF will totally dispose of the existing waste at the same time as generating electricity that will be distributed to consumers through the.

The Cabuyao landfill was the subject of controversy in 2008 when residents filed a petition to the government its closure complaining that they had been affected by air and water pollution. Briones, also the convenor of the Zero Waste Philippines' project, explained that a Waste Analyses and Characterisation Study (WACS) was conducted to determine the exact volume and viability of the residual waste in the Laguna Landfill. "As a resource recovery and energy facility, the project will be considered as a Renewable Energy Facility under the provisions of Republic Act No. 9513 that will enjoy the benefit under the law," he said.

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