Sampaloc Lake

Sampaloc Lake is one of the seven lakes which make San Pablo City famous. It is also the most accessible being just in the vicinity of the City Hall. Interestingly, the city hall is called by the locals as Kapitolyo because it looks like one. This has confused me at first knowing that San Pablo is not the capital of Laguna hence, why it would have a Kapitolyo?

To get to Sampaloc Lake, use the city hall (their Kapitolyo) as your beacon because it easier to ask for directions for the city hall.

Once you are in the city hall vicinity, the lake may already be viewed from the park at the left side of the building across the street. There is also a mini park at the lakeside a stone throw away from this one. This park is a favorite for dog lovers as they use the area to show off their pets. We have seen canine friends doing tricks which include diving and swimming in the lake.

A 3.8km concrete road goes around the lake making it ideal for biking and jogging. I heard that efforts are being made to remove residential houses from the lake shore particularly those on the right side of the road if your are moving clockwise. If not for these houses, the view around the lake will be unhampered.