Mount Cristobal

Countless legends surround Mt. Cristobal. With its summit taking on a characteristic 'W' shape, like that of stealth bomber, it is flanked by the grander Mt. Banahaw to its northeast, and together, they figure prominently in folklore. For instance, it is said that while Mt. Banahaw is a holy mountain, Mt. Cristobal is the "Devil's mountain", and the two mountains possess good and evil energies that cancel out. The primeval forests of Cristobal, decked with ferns and thorny plants, culminating in its ancient crater, seem to fit the bill of an eerie mountain. Furthermore, there are tales of voices or apparitions, such as the creature called 'Tumao', waylaying mountain climbers; many hiking groups have their own "ghost stories" to tell. Even locals believe these stories; some guides say they have amulets to counteract the negative energy.